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Air Barriers Can Save Up To 39% in Energy Costs

GCP Applied Technologies is known for a comprehensive portfolio of air barrier systems to meet precise needs of any commercial building project, in every climate. Our proven air barrier technologies deliver industry-leading performance that stands the toughest test of all: the test of time.




Our technical experts frequently provide direct consultation throughout the design, product selection and installation process. In addition to project-specific support, we provide both classroom and hands-on applicator training to ensure that our PERM-A-BARRIER® products are installed correctly and perform as designed, protecting the structure for years to come. Able to instruct applicators on the installation of sheet membranes and proper spray techniques, our field technicians advise on the proper sequencing and use of materials within these flexible systems. You can consult in-product compatibility and assembly techniques for a completely watertight and airtight system. Our technicians offer advice on detailing, sequencing, efficient assembly techniques and labor-saving tips.


Advanced materials and manufacturing quality systems ensure consistent quality for long-lasting performance you can stake your reputation on.

NFPA 285 Compliant

One of the first to achieve NFPA 285 fire safety compliance across a broad portfolio of air barrier products in a variety of wall assemblies, GCP products meet or exceed ASTM and ABAA standards for air barrier materials.


GCP air barrier products are engineered to deliver maximum performance year after year - proven through extensive, long-term testing in real-world conditions.